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What have i got myself into


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Hi Andy & welcome! The 150pl is a great scope, i have the shorter focal length 150p and i'm amazed at what i can see, don't forget to post a first light report & here's hoping for clear skies too :)


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Hi again to SGL !

Well my new skywatcher explorer 150pl arrived today...in two huge boxes! And must admit it was a doddle to put together and also loving the paintwork on the scope...very sparkley ( i like sparkley ):)

All i have to do now is collimate the thing (is this simple to do and how often would this need to be done?)

and balance and polar align it (again is this simple?)

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Thanks to everybody who replied!!

Tbh it doesnt look as if it needs collimating at all,only the polarscope needs adjusting from what i can see and the polar axis is set around 34 degrees.

Going to balance it now then i think im done

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hi and welcome

Astrophotography doesn't have to be expensive. I have a philips webcam £15 and adaptor to connect cam-scope £10. from morgans they cost a lot more on auction sites. Haven't used it yet but have seen some great pics using the webcam.

If you want to take some long exposures of Deep sky Objects. This can be done with the philips webcam however you need to be good at soldering. (lets say its like taking a shovel to a circuit board). So this is why a DSLR is better but more expensive.

Oh by the way if you dont have a netbook/laptop then the webcam will also be expensive.


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Hi nexus21!

Thanks for the info (from everyone really)....unfortunately i dont have a laptop or notebook at the moment so i cant download any software like 'stellarium',i will eventually get another laptop in the future tho.

Im using my ps3 to browse the internet and this forum..which i have to say this site (thankfully) works really well on the ps3 even tho Sony still insist on using IE6 (Internet explorer 6)...most other forums dont work so well as they are using IE8 or IE9 and the ps3 just cant get its head around them.

Back to what you said i would love to have a camera setup but after seeing that these cameras are between 4 - £500...then i think this will have to be postponed for quite a long while!!

By the way i have a samsung galaxy S mobile..are there any good apps for astronomy and the like for the android market?

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Hi Andy,

Welcome! I'm a newbie myself and my 8" dob is being delivered in the next couple of weeks ;)

I don't know many constellations either- my planisphere and iphone Stellarium have been great for getting more familiar with them.

I love this forum- lots to learn and great people to meet.

Clear skies to you!

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Hi Andy welcome ;)

Your right, been on a few forums myself and this is definitely the most helpful and friendly community forum I've been onto! So welcome aboard, there is many tutorials on here I found to be gold dust when I first found my interest.

All the best :o

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