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Are you in the North West

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I know i probably put this in the wrong area but i was wonder if there are people in and around Lostock Hall, Preston, Lancashire, UK who would like to share the astronomy interest, i am only just starting out and any face to face help or advice would be appreciated.

Maybe getting the chance to compare equipment....Ohh Err... :)

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I cant find any 200P's in stock local at a decent price, best price i found is £399 with Eq5 from a guy in Ulverston but i think he is out of stock and the price is going up i think

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the 200 will gather a lot more light - 50 square inches of mirror Vs 28 for the 150

I am biased towards dobs and would wait for a 200 personally, you'll be glad you did. plus it would be about £250?

I had a Dob for my first scope a skyliner 200 i think but it was so difficult to move around and needed a flat base etc....maybe a flex tube with auto would be an option but i still need the motors for photography which is on of my main aims this time round

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Hi Jasper,

Im just down the road in clayton le woods, I only have a cheap scope and some bins at the moment but am looking at buying a decent/serious beginners scope in the near future, always up for a chat and wouldn't mind finding out what you think of your scope when you get it!


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anyone in cheshire, neston. Been sitting on the side lines for sometime till i could afford some stuff, now got it and working my way round it slowly when i get time.

wondering if there is anyone local to me i could get some advise from


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