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I just wanted to share my recent experience with HitechAstro.

A while back I had a minor cable wrap whilst imaging an this resulted in my EQDIR adapter being pulled from the mount and snapping the securing screw in the process. I managed with it that way for a while but knew it was a problem waiting to happen, I imagined it coming loose very easily.

As SGL6 is looming I decided to get it sorted out and contacted HitecAstro using the form on their website, and asked if they could supply me with a replacement screw or a complete hood for the connector. I received a very timely response from David Jackson who explained that they no longer use the type of hood that was fitted to my adapter but he offered to send me a couple of types of hood to try if I was able to fit it.

Two days later a parcel pops through the letterbox with two different hoods, fitted and tested I can now doze easily the next time I image.

I'd be happy to recommend HitechAstro for their great products and excellent after sales service.

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I had purchased an EQDIR directly from HitecAstro during their direct to the public sale earlier this year. On Thursday night it stopped working.

I contacted them around 11pm and by 1am I had a promise of a replacement by first class post. It arrived today (Monday).

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase HitecAstro gear again given how they stand by the quality of their products and their customer service.

It's not usually possible to purchase direct from HitecAstro as they sell via retailers such as First Light Optics, but they do have refurbished stock clearouts from time to time and it is on this basis that I am leaving a positive review for them.

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