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1st attempts at Lunar imaging with spc 900


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Hi and thanks for the positive coments everyone. how do i create a mosaic? is there any good tutorials on here? also what software do i need to use? and is there any freeware availible for making the mosiac.


Ben :)

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Looking forward to seeing your mosaic of the whole moon!

Thanks chris, i just need some more clear nights as i dont have enough frames to make a mosaic up yet, will post when i can get one made up :)

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Hi i managed to stitch a few of the images together using ms ice, i think i can do a lot better but i dont think they are to bad as was my 1st outing with the webcam on the moon. :)

ps i think the 2nd one i left to long between images, this just shows how quickly the shadows on the surface change. But i wasnt intending to do a mosaic with these images because when i captured them i didnt even know how to do it .

Hopefully next time they will be better now i know what i am doing :(





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Another useful programme to have is Imerge. It can be used to create mosaics and you can import AVI files straight into Imerge to do a quick mosaic on the fly during your imaging session to check if you have covered the whole of the Moon. Your mount can also be controlled through EQMOSAIC to move it a precise amount so that there is an equal overlap for each pane of the mosaic. You can use this FOV calculator to work out the field of view for various camera / telescope / barlow combinations.


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Amazing pictures for first try...very impressed you got the focus smack on,very crisp... great work m8...

Thanks i like your images with the lx modded spc 900, i will have to get me one of them :hello2:

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Very good first attempt, much better than mine! :hello2:

What settings did you use for the camera?

not sure just played about untill the imaged looked clear and sharp, think was 30fps and gamma and gain turned down unsure of shutter speed ,next time i image the moon i will make a note of them. I am going to try and have a go a saturn tonight with my new 2x barlow :hello2:

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