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Finally! A place with little light pollution!


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Yes! I finally had a go at working without the light pollution that I have on my balcony. Had a go at M51 and processed it in Pixinsight - a piece of software that I am finally getting the hang of (demo runs out today - fork it up!).

This is the best four 10-minute frames at ISO400 with just one dark (battery ran out in the camara during the dark session). Captured with Nebulosity 2, dark processed and color converted in Nebulosity 2 and stacked/processed in Pixinsight.

I forgot my new Bahtinov at home så focus could probably had been better...

Flats scheduled for today as we have a nice light cloud cover and the white T-shirt is clean :o

I'll re-process with flats as soon as I can find the time.



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Wow, nice! just need to stack more of those to get rid of the noice and you'll have a very clear picture there it seems. :o

Focuse looks very good, especially concidering you didn't use any focuse mask. I rarly get it that good without a mask.

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That is a nice result.

Just a couple of pointers for future reference:

*You need to add about 20 darks into the mix. If you use only one you are actually adding noise, so the result might be even better if you reprocess without using that.

*Flats need to be taken at the same time, so that you have everything exactly the same as when you took the light subs.


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Yes, I agree about the darks, but this time I ran out of battery in the middle of the second one and it was 1 in the morning so I didn't bother with changing it.

The flats are not a problem. I have the camera in a very well defined position in the focuser and I set focus before I add the T-shirt. I guess the main issue is to not change the collimation between lights/darks and flats.

I did the capture at ISO400 in order to minimize noise as my tracking with the Orion autoguider is very good. I'll sort it out eventually :o

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