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Let the journey begin !


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Hi Guys

Im another newbie im afraid !

Have always had a passing interest in astronomy but never taken it further .... untill now !

After a good while looking about and using some small binoculars i have, I have finally taken the plunge and I am picking up my first scope tomorrow (have bought it second hand from a mate)

Its a Skywatcher Explorer 130PM (D130mm/F650mm) with a red dot finder on an EQ2 mount. Did a bit of reasearch and this seems like a good starter scope for the cash i had available.

Really looking forward to getting it and hopefully picking up lots of tips from some more experienced stargazers on here !

Have had a few looks at these forums and everyone seems so friendly and ready to offer advice.

Whers a good place to start my journey into the stars !

Thanks in advance for any info



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Hi Stick,

A warm welcome to SGL...Congratulations on your new purchase, it seems to be highly rated here as a good first scope. Hopefully you have some clear skies to use it!!...:o

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Hi Stick and welcome to the forum.

Good scope you've got there and so you're ready to rumble! Well you could also get hold of the free planetary software called STELLARIUM if haven't got it already. Will show you where everything is and in what direction and it will also show the night sky in real time (which you can move forward) so you can plan in advance what to look at. I would get out there and see how you get on before buying any extra toys for your scope as your growing observing experience will tell you what you will need to get hold of next.

Clear skies in the meantime.


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cheers all

James (JBM1165), i will try and find that software you mentioned...sounds useful

Im in Bristol as well !

EDIT : have now downloaded STELLARIUM...good shout....looks like a useful tool

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Hi Stick,

This is a friendly place for us newbies, loads of good advice on offer and lots of expertise. I've picked up loads on here already, I'm sure you will too. Welcome aboard.

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wow !

Thanks for all the warm welcome posts and comments guys.

Wasn't expecting such a warm welcome for a newbie !

(not my usual experience on forums for other topics !)

picked up my new scope tonight, and as luck would have it the Sky's here are thick with cloud !!

Just part of the fun i can look forward too i guess !

Have now downloaded Stellarium and have bookmarked the site RogerTheDodger mentioned (nice shout)

Anyone know of any good astronomy clubs / societies in the Bristol area i can think about at a later date ?

Thanks again for the welcome


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