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Web Cam LE mod - Help !


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My Phillips SPC880 arrive today, and was successfully flashed to a 900 :o

Ive followed the instructions on Philips SPC900NC uncovered to dismantle the unit and have tested the unit with the bear boards hanging off the USB cable which still works, so haven't damaged anything in the process, so that's a good start.

I've used a solderless breadboard rather than the dead bug method to undertake the modification for long exposure using this circuit circuit1.gif

However I'm confused over the connections to the PCBs - The rest of the guidelines shown in Philips SPC900NC uncovered seem to suggest soldering the wires via the pin headers but shows dotted lines over a couple of tracks... do I cut those tracks for pins 8 and 13 ??

If someone has done this mod and can take some images of the PCB connections - or explain what that site actually has done it would help

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Hi Malcolm.

I did the mod a few weeks back and apart from cutting the track to the LED I didn't cut any. I think the picture refers to tracks that link to pin/pad 13 and 10.


I too used a breadboard approach rather than the dead bug method and all works as it should.

Also your diagram above shows a 74H chip. Isnt this a NAND rather than the HEF4066 which is a Bilateral switch?


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Yes that is a gate rather than switch... I think that this was the original mod from Steve Chambers...

I've re-read the thread and it's sunk in a bit more. Seems that the author uses the header pins as the means if breaking the circuits by bending two pins. I've just turned the solder iron on so wish me luck :o

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OK - connected two sets of wires, thus effectively able to make or brake the connections on pin/pad 10 and connected to pins 1 and 6 of the logic chip. Tested in the default "norm" mode and still got a picture (lens is still connected for testing). Now need to get a parallel connector from maplins and see if I can get it to switch into LE mode.

Out of curiosity - with the lens still connected, what would I expect to get when the camera is running in LE mode when previewed in sharpcap etc ? I'm assuming under mormal room lights the screen would be white as it would effectively be over exposed for each frame ??

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