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Hi all

I've found a couple of threads on Petzl for the following product:

Petzl TAC Tikka Plus (4LEDs) Headtorch Black E49P: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Leisure

However, I've also been looking at this one, which looks like a newer model and also slightly cheaper:

Petzl Headlamp TIKKA PLUS ² green: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools

I just wondered if anyone has used the above and would reccommend it?

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I haven't use the 4LED one, but the Tikka Plus 2 is a great head lamp. Light, compact and the strap is comfortable. The Tikka+2 has 1 white LED (2 levels plus flash) and one red LED (1 level plus flash). I use white light when I need a light to look for stuff and red for astronomy. The +2's white LED is better quality and mounted in a reflector. It should be a better than the 4LED version in terms of throw. The red LED uses less power, so it should be more efficient than the 4LED which relied on red filter.

I keep my Tikka+2 in my coat pocket and carry it everywhere. There is also a ziptika version which uses a retractable strap for even greater portability.

Highly recommended.

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Thanks for the feedback e621keith. The company in general seem to have good products and feedback. I've decided to go for the squared simply because it was slightly cheaper & I also thought it looked kinda cool! Once I've tried it out I'll let you know what I think.

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I got round to trying out the Petzl Headlamp TIKKA PLUS ² green: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools last night and am very pleased with my purchase. It's very comfortable to wear and also the angle of the torch can be moved for example if I want to read something it can be pointed downwards etc. The white LED is very strong and bright, which is great for setting up or if you hear a scary noise in the dark and just have to have a check! The red LED is excellent. It's dull, so hardly affects night vision, but still very easy to read and change eyepieces.

Highly reccommended.

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