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I am trying to load my copy of Astro-Art 3.0 on my observatory PC.But unfortunately,its just spinning and not self installing.

I have the programme installed on another PC.

How do i copy the self install set-up to a memory stick.

I have tried,and all i get is loads of tech files.

Normally when the cd loads it just comes up with the Astro-art self install menu.

That is what i,m trying to re-create on the stick,I just need some sort of set-up loader.

Any Computer heads out there.


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Hi Guys.

The CD will run and auto install on a different PC,so the CD ROM drive in the observatory,must be acting up.

The software is,nt free,can you access a download in place of the CD.

I did,nt think you could.

I could,nt see any Setup.Exe file.


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Create an ISO of the disk to file on the other PC and get the SLYSOFT Virtual Clone Drive. Copy ISO via usb or network to the hard drive of the Obsy PC mount the Image and install from that.

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Hi Mick

if you double click on the cd drive in my computer there is usually a text file called autorun. Open that and it should have another file name written in it. Find and double click that file name to run the installer.

Also and it may seem like a stupid question but is the disc clean? Some drives are more picky about dirt on the disc and what will run in one will not run in another.

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