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Roll off shed ?


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Do you think this would work?

Horizon 7x3.5 plastic apex shed - Tesco.Direct

I have a very flat and level decking area, I was thinking of this as a roll off observatory, once it’s pulled clear of the pier and scope the double doors could be closed and you have an instant warm room.

All I think would be needed is to cut out a channel in the floor leading to the double doors of the shed to allow it to accommodate the pier and some sort of lockable castors.

Any thoughts or obvious pitfalls? Apart from the fact it looks like a big dolls house.

Acme :o

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Hi Noakesy,

The shed will be on the decking, the channel would be cut into the floor of the shed, the wheels would run on the decking. I could screw some sort of rails in the decking as a guide for the shed to be aligned. The pier will be a permanent fixture so the shed will be the mobile structure.


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I believe they are made by "Keter" - I have one of their outside stores which worked quite well. Some points: The walls probably "click" onto the floor and there may well be a metal reinforcing bar running beneath the doors, if you envisage cutting "slots" etc. You may have to address "security" issues, since the plastic hasps etc. aren't v.high security. You can even line the walls with OSB if you need a bit more "mass" or insulation - Tho' the designs tend to be fairly water tight. It is a possible solution - S@N had a similar idea, though with mid-level, horizontally split walls, to preserve the integrity of the floor and roof attachments? :o

Try a google image search for (similar) techniques and ideas... :(

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