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Super Moon March 19th

Space Man

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It is safe enough but most people do use a filter, if you start any observations on the Moon 1st then it will be a good 20 mins before you are able to observe anything else so leave it tilll last not that you'll see to much with a full Moon but there's certainly Saturn at least :o

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Working away from home at the minute and the wife has just sent me a picture of the moon (although only taken with her phone) and it's totally clear skies!!!


Hope all those with access to their scopes etc. have as good a view as my Mrs has at the minute!

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....that shows the apparent size difference....

It's noticable how all the TV news bad science reporting has stated the moon will be 14% bigger, but not said of what. That's why some people I've talked to think it means it'll be 14% bigger tonight than yesterday.

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