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Alternative EQmod/dir thingy

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Just be careful with the EQ6's D connector, it's got 12V lines to power the handset and if you short them you could ruin the EQ's controller board and/or your computer.

Other than that it's straight forward :o

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curious to hear move about your long distance usb run Lee....how long, what's going over it?

I've six devices at the end of my run (Mount EQDir, camera, guide cam, GPS, TEMPerHum, Game pad) but when I connect the filter wheel it gives up... and that's only over around 9M with a belkin active USB extension.

Always interested to see what other folk have managed to get working.

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28m USB! Wow I thought they were limited to 5m!

I think most people making long runs use CAT5e cable and a USB over CAT5 System (like silex) or use a network with remote access to a second laptop at the scope.

Your way is MUCH cheaper I guess!

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thats it MG over cat5. cat5 is very cheap as are the cat5 to usb converters.

my 28m setup cost <£20 ( yes a little cheating had access to cat5 cable but still even if you had to buy it )

i looked at the other methods and thought the laptop method was the most costly and difficult to manage.

laptops are very power hungry and out in the conditions internal dew will be more than likely an issue.

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champion :hello2:

so this plugs straight to the motor control board of the mount making the H/Ctrl redundant?. but what if for some reason i wanted to use the H/ctrl in Pc mode will this cable do the same job as the cable you would use to go from H/ctrl to pc? or does that cable come with a new heq5 goto anyway?



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