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The Cambridge Star Atlas Will Tirion 4th edition


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hi had this book now about 2 months the quality is great size wise 9 and half inchs by 12 inches

,its ring binded so no try in to stop the book from close in all the time. the maps them selfs there are seasonal maps at the start for both north and south latitudes,

there is four for each north and south meisser maps thereis 21 detaliled sky maps on one page it lists all the objects on one with all relevant info and the map on the next both north and south lats there is four detailed maps of the moon

and also maps of all the meisser obejcts and pages of galaxies planet nebs and nebs,one or 2 maps for clusters,

this is a great book if you already have one like this throw it away and get a copy of this one because its by far the easiest one to follow its not filled with none related star map stuff like most other publications

,i have a few so called star map books that have about 70 pages in and out of those 70 pages theres about 5 pages of maps

this large atlas has 90 pages and 86 have maps on the other 4 are good info i will atach a few pics so you get a feel for this book oits worth every penny about 22 pound delivered worth every penny

Will tirion as wrote some great books and the double star atlas is another a own and love please take a look at the atached pics

thanks pat

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