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skyliner auto tracking scope, packing material from base?

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Have purchased a skyliner 300p flex (hence the grey skies over my house), question is do i remove the packing material from the base around the azimuth bearing area? this is between the circular ground board and the upper circular board the mounting sits on.

this appears to be cut to fit and not easy to get out, which makes me think its some kind of dust/dirt shield. The material is the same packing foam the scope was packed with. Initial attempt to remove it wasn`t easy as it does come to the edge of the board to get a grip on.

thought i better ask before finding out it should be there (ovl asked for a photo and didnt seem to know)


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ahh, i was hoping it shouldn`t be :o

i did a trial run following building my scope and the drive stalled in azimuth in a couple of areas. I hoped it was just this material needed removal.

sounds like the clutch is slipping.

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Thats not packing - I think it's deliberately put there to introduce a bit of friction to reduce any AZ backlash. I have the same on mine - I have to admit it could benefit from a slight adjustment on mine to be smoother :o

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i`m a bit concerned as this is the first run after building it up..

Brantuk, does yours actually stop or does it just slow?

mine has stopped and then needs "assisting" :o

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Yup - once stopped mine needs a small nudge. But it doesn't matter cos the motors will still track accuratley - they're built to follow the arrows or manual movements.

Most dobs need a little smoothing adjustment so I wouldn't worry about it :o

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Thanks for the help here, i think it was initial "bedding in" issues.

Gave the scope a few rotations manually being 3 in one direction and 3 in other and then tried the motors again.

all now seems well :) just need some clear skies

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