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Moonlite Dual Speed Focuser

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Advise needed - My moonlite dual speed focuser slips badly on the fine adjustment, I have stripped and cleaned the unit but the fine adjustment is still not right especially when holding my heavy SBIG camera - can anybody suggest a dealer who can rebuild this unit and possibly retro fit the moonlite stepper motor.

Thanks for looking - Guy

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Most crayfords with fine tuning are t he same in basic desigb, have a searcgh online for gso focuser tuning and tyeres an articke about this, tuning the fine focus can be a real bitch of a job and you need to keep at it by inches.

Take a look at the gso tuning guide.

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Thanks for your replies - the GSO fine focus has a locknut to adjust the fine focus mechanism which gives you a sporting chance to get the correct fine focus grip, however having stripped the moonlite it looks like the fine focus is adjusted by a tiny bearing (bore 3 to 4 mm ish) that has been pressed onto the spindle. There is a compression spring behind the bearing that pushes onto the fine focus mechanism so to adjust the focus you have to tap the bearing along the shaft - I think. I am an engineer by trade and can see this mechanism can be easily damaged so I am looking for advise on the forums before I do any damage. I can retro fit a Lakeside stepper motor kit about £300.


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