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Loads of Galaxies and a couple of Messiers to boot


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Even though the clouds were clear, the moon was at 1/2 and the seeing was pretty bad. But still waste not want not and set the scopes at Messier 108 and 97.

I got 1 hour per channel on this galaxy rich area of the sky with the MN190 and QHY9 with 2 inch filters. Subs were 5 minutes unbinned per channel and processed with MaximDL, CS5 and PixInsight.

Guiding was on the EQ6 Pro, ED80 pro and QHY5 / PHD.

Even with the poor seeing, I got the M108 galaxy and the owl nebula framed and hopefully not too bad a result.

Now knowing this is a massively galaxy rich area, I had to inverse it and start to reference some of the little blighters with Aladin.

I couldn't believe the amount of galaxies in this image. Nearly every smudge is a galaxy so I only labeled the prominent ones. Way to many to go through and label, but it was fun.

Here are links to the full sized images both colour and inverted (5 and 2 mb respectively)

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10801850/Astro%20Pictures/Large%20Files/M108%20and%20Owl%20-%20Large.jpg COLOUR

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10801850/Astro%20Pictures/Large%20Files/M108%20and%20Owl%20Inversed%20-%20Large.jpg INVERTED



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Deep galaxy fields are a delight.

This one is exceptionally well performed.

Here's one I did last year at F2.8 using the Canon 200mm lens and a DSLR.

Markarians Chain Area Deep Field photo - Harel Boren photos at pbase.com



Boren - As I look at your picture of the Markarians Chain I note that there what appears to be a bubble around a galaxy just "North" or center. Is this an anomaly on your image or is there gravitational lensing present?

See below for the area in question.


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