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Baader Laser Collimator.

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Hi guys and gals.

Haveing tried out a Cheshire collimator and a laser collimator (borrowed off Baz senior - cheers chap) I have decided that I get on better with a laser.

As I don't own one yet, I was looking at the following.......

Collimation - Baader Laser Collimator

Can I get your opions on this product, any good?



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I had a baader but it looked different - maybe an older model. the laser lasted about a year then gave up (and yes, I did try changing the batteries...:(). generally, make sure the laser collimator is adjustable otherwise if it's out (and it might be) it won't be accurate. i gave up with the laser and went with the cheshire but horses for courses I guess. Objectively, i think the cheshire is better than the laser for the primary mirror because it's not relying on the secondary being perfectly positioned whereas the laser is (i think....:o).

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I have this and its fine, it is collimated out of the box which is the reason I bought this particular one BUT you can get cheaper ones which probably will need collimating.

If you use the barlowed collimating method it really doesnt matter if it is out of whack because you are not looking at the 'laser spot', you are looking at the shadow of the central mirror mark to collimate the scope and its much more accurate.

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I have one of these. A good piece of kit.

As already mentioned the thing with a laser collimator is to make sure that it is, itself collimated. The Baader should be perfect out the box but it would be very worth while checking if you decide to get one.

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I have the Baader laser. Its the only laser I've used so I don't know how it compares to other lasers. The manufacurers claim its already collimated and ready to use out of the box. I bought it because it won the Sky at Night magazine group test.

Whether my collimation method is good or not I don't know but I tend to align the secondary with my cheshire followed by the primary. Then I use the laser to tweak both mirrors when observing once the scope has cooled down.

I find the laser very easy to use and so only takes a minute or so to make the adjustments, which is just as well because its powered by three 'watch' batteries which tend to run out very quickly but it's not a major problem as you can buy a pack of 10 or so cheaply on amazon for a couple of quid.

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I prefer the Orion/Farpoint LaserMate Pro kit (which also comes with an excellent Cheshire). Excellent machining, on the wide side so there's almost never any significant slop, wide shoulder that makes it easy to register the shoulder of the tool against the end of the draw tube while you tighten it,...in fact it's heavily inspired by the Howie Glatter laser collimators (and the Cheshire is heavily inspired by the CatsEye ones), and it's also built like a tank.

I don't know the Baader Mk III but the Mk II had a narrow shoulder and was too thin for many focusers, so the fit wasn't good. As it was substantially more expensive than other products with similar problems, I didn't like it.

The Hotech is pretty decent but I don't like the self-centring adapter that much, which is a solution in search of a problem (centring of the laser collimator is almost never a problem, the possible tilt due to an imperfect fit is worrisome a lot faster). It either does little (if you're lucky) and in focusers where it had to work because of a sloppy fit, it didn't actually prevent tilting.

If you want the Rolls-Royce of laser collimators there's always the Howie Glatter and its vast array of useful gizmos (the TubBLUG for barlowed laser colllimation, screens on which to read returning diffraction patterns, holographic attachments etc.) but these don't come cheap and I've yet to find a European source (I have two, actually, but I'm keeping the dual 2"- 1.25" one to collimate 1.25" scopes belonging to others).

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The Hotech was my choice as well. I love the fact that it is self centering in the eyepiece holder which makes collimation even more acurate.

Bought mine from FLO with the 2" adaptor for my 12" dob. Awesome piece of kit.

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