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M13 + Rosette glob update


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Last night was pretty clear, but there was a limited number of targets I could go for that evening due to it being a sunday night and the moon being about (as it washes LRGB galaxies out).

So it was back to a bit more Ha on the Rosette to take it over the 5 hour mark, before moving on to a bit of M13 to test the new skill i'd learnt from processing M42 (composting long and short length photos). If it works for bright nebulae, then why not for large globular cluster? Though id give it a whirl anyways.

Time is running out on the Rosette now, so I'll have one more good go at it with OIII once the moon has shifted a bit, just enough to reduce the noise a bit in the RGB image before its combined with the Ha luminence. Except this time, I had enough data to use a high pass filter, which sharpened up the globs nicely :o

NGC 2246: Rosette Nebula

L(30x600, 4x900, 1x1200 Ha) RGB(6x600 Ha, 10x600 OIII) Total 6h30min

Atik 314L+, ED80, 50mm finderguider


M13 cluster

L(6x200, 8x300) no filters (bar UV/IR)

Atik 314L+, ED80, 50mm finderguider

First, the short:


The long:


Composted using PS:


Thanks for looking! :(





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the rosette image is brilliant! you really get a sense of movement from it with the clouds and the bright stars in the middle seem like they are bursting out of the cloud of gas. really very cool! :o


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Thanks everyone for the positive comments :o There will be one final Rosette update coming (hopefully this weeked), I'd like to get some 15min OIII subs just to clean up the centre of the nebula (the area within the four central stars).

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