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Saturn this weekend and fireball?


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Hi all, I was observing Saturn on Sun monrning 13th March at 3.17 am when what looked like a small moving satellite or similar came into my field of view, travelled towards Saturm, became obscured by Saturn and then travelled out of view. It was great. Does anyone have another explanation for this?

Also, that night/morning apart from the usual amount of meteorites, i saw a fiercely bright streak going from a generally southern direction to a northern direction almost directly overhead. I was observing from outside Cork in Ireland. I dont think I was sleepwalking, any ideas on that would be interesting.

Great night observing, found M4, M29, M39 and a couple of others that night for the first time. Only went in when i had M4 in the scope one minute and then couldn't find it, only to realise dawn had arrived.


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