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Totally off Topic!


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Hi Again,

Just wanted to share the following, while I was away getting my head together I wrote a little poem... I submitted it to a publisher and guess what... it's being published!!!

Here it is!


What is that noise, when will it stop?

The birds pondered in the tree.

And the spider raised eight eyebrows towards the noisy mystery.

The centipede with all his legs ran fleeing from the din.

While the frightened wood-lice curled up tight

as their home shook from within.

The monkey ran along a branch to escape the awful sound

While the leaves that were shaken off, fell toward the ground.

Then once more the air was still, the chainsaws job complete.

And the last tree in the forest fell, to make way for the street

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You will soon find out that its when im sober you have to watch out for me.

In a fun sense. (Im not one of those aggresive types that get rowdy with a few beers)

I'm the same Jamie, a happy drunk!! We should all get on just fine! :clouds1:

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I hardly ever drink - can't remember the last drink I had. So when I do drink I can generally only have one maybe two before I really feel the effects...

Thats a relief, I thought I'd be the only one :clouds1:

I only have to sniff a glass of wine and I feel the effect - it runs in the family.


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