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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Panic


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Having gonr out early with a view to get M81 on Camera, spent about an hour setting up before night fall.

moon was looking good so after doing a basic polar alignment took some pics of the moon, while waiting for it to get dark enough to do a proper polar alighnment.

Now Polarise is visable hrough the polar scope so followed FLO's instructions on how to polar align.

With that done did started a 2 star alignment and went to Sirus followed by Alderbern. All gboing well until the scope stopped moving in Dec....

Looked down and there was the dreaded yellow light on the Power Pack. It needed charging.

No probs, out came the extension lead and 12v adaptor(used many times with my celestrom m\ount) switched the power on at the mount and BANG, SMOKE, PANIC. OMG what have I done.

££££££ signs rolling in front of my eyes for the repair.

Everything taken back inside, strong smell of burning .

Wait 30 minutes for the Power pack to gets some charge and with hands shaking, switch the mount back on.

Thankfully all seems to be OK, maybe |I got the main pwer off in time. But will be on tenderhooks until I set up for the next session.

PS, Of to Maplins in the morning to get a new power pack.

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The safest is to use batteries. They provide the right power and no problems with surcharge.

When we use a 12 volt converter, there's always some risk involved... looks like you werefast enough to disconnect everything.

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