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Small Scope needed

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Hi folks,

So as my sig says I do have the big celestron omniXLT150 reflector, which I got a couple of years ago & its done sterling work for me.

However my hip & back with which I have some serious issues have got much worse & i'm currently on a waiting list for surgery on my hip, and the reflector is somewhat difficult to get shift in & out now.

As a result I was hoping that maybe getting a smaller scope might allow me to continue to get out and observing.

I was thinking of a budget of maybe up to £300 and it needs to be light, very light, as light as possible.

Any advice, recommendations folks? It just has to keep me in the game, it doesnt have to be all singing & dancing.

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Telescope Service do a 66/400 refractor at 280 Euro, and a 70/420 refractor at 380 Euro.

Both state apo, the 70/420 is carbon fibre.

Think that the shipping cost is about 12-15 Euro for the UK on either. Asked them about another scope a couple of weeks back.

66/400 = 66mm dia and 400mm focal length.

Not sure of anything similar in the UK except the WO Meg 72 but that is close to £400 these days.

The TS 80mm offering looks really nice but is more money.

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