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Baader Tuning Rings

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Hello All,

Please could someone let me kow if i can use the Baader tuning

rings when using the eyepiece as a 2" or do they

only work when using the end element that then turns in back into

a 1.25".

Your help will be appreciated.

Kind regards,

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Yes they are meant to work in 2" eye pieces with the end elements intact, but you have to be careful as it may be if you are using a 2" diagonal that your combination may extend to far into the holder, with effect that you might strike the mirror, Baader have thought of this and do manufacture a special stop ring to prevent this from happening, you will find FLO will almost be sure to have one in stock, Baader part No #2958027 for your reference :o



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Just as an after thought if you just use the ep`s as "2 with out the end elements then you change the whole focal length of each ep to around 30mm, with the exception of the 24mm which does not work with the tuning rings anyway, you had best consult Baader`s information sheet on the lenses, available from their web site.

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Thanks John,

I have jsut checked and my W/O Diagonal has an internal stop which stops the 2" tuning ring from touching the mirror.

Thank you for your speedy repsonce.

It's the 1.25" barrel which might touch the mirror if the eyepiece is inserted in 2" mode - with a tuning ring in use the "stack" is:

Main eyepiece body > tuning ring > 1.25" assembly

You do need the 1.25" assembly in place for the tuning ring to function and thats a lot of "stuff" projecting below the 2" part of the eyepiece - see picture below of the 5mm with tuning ring in place (next to a Vixen LVW for comparison purposes).

I found it better to insert the eyepiece into a 1.25" adapter but a good quality one so that the whole assembly is firmly held.


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