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Can I guide my HEQ5 Pro without spending any more money?


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Hello All,

I'd like to experiment (this isn't going to be a long term setup just a test) with guiding with my HEQ5 Pro. I've got a webcam, and think I can easily convert my finder for temporary use as a guidescope. I've got a usb-serial connection going to the handset, and stellarium can successfully talk to the mount and control it.

So with all of this can I guide?

PHD seems to want to talk ASCOM or GPUSB, I don't have a GPUSB and I can't work out if there's a way of talking ASCOM to the mount without EQMOD (which involves spending money...)

Any ideas, am I missing something?



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Do I have to install something else to support that?

I've installed the ASCOM platform, but my mount isn't listed. I'm guessing I need to install some mount specific ASCOM driver, but don't know where from.

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Use the Celestron driver with ASCOM, the handset is Nexstar compliant.

I have Nexstar 5i selected for my EQ6 and that works, but the ASCOM "Celestron Scope Driver" appears to have gained an explicit "Synta SkyWatcher Mount" option since I last looked - don't know if that actually has any benefits over picking a Nexstar

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