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NGC4921 & Hats off to Hubble!


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It's been so long since I had any new pics to play with I seem to have all bit forgotten how to take them, and this pic shows it :D

Borg 77 with sxv h9.

It's just a short grab in LRGB of a little section of sky that is rammed with galaxies, and is also the focal point of one of my favourite Hubble images.

We often hear the tongue in cheek comment "who needs Hubble?" down here in the imaging section, well this image goes some way to demonstrate the resolution and depth of image that Hubble is able to resolve.

The faint little blob upper centre is galaxy NGC4921 in Coma Berenices, it isn't especially bright, but then it is 320 million light years away!

Now take a look at the incredible Hubble image. The sheer number of galaxies visible around and seen through the galaxy is just jaw dropping. As the shuttle programme comes to its conclusion, Hubble remains as one of the lasting testaments and benefits of the programme.


APOD: 2009 February 9 - Anemic Galaxy NGC 4921 at the Edge


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Yes. That Hubble image is insane, the depth and detail is outrageous! I do think/hope that all comparisons with Hubble images are just tongue in cheek!

However, I still like your image, you've still resolved countless galaxies in there!

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