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SPC900NC vs DFK 21AU04.AS


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Hello - I have been trying some planetary imaging using the SPC900NC camera with my 8" reflector and getting some OK results.

I was thinking about upgrading to a DFK 21AU04.AS.

Will I be able to achieve better results using the DFK 21AU04.AS?



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The advantage the DFK has over the SPC900 is the frame rate. Both caneras use the same sensor but the DFK has a maximum frame rate of 60fps compared to 10fps for the SPC900 with compression. This means you can shoot at least 10 times as many frames as the SPC900 in the same time span for processing later in Registax.


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You can optimize capture of each channel, but the mono gives advantage of using fourth luminance filter (usually IR passing filter) to get much better LRGB image.

Also for Venus you can use UV filters (where color sensors are nearly totally blind to UV) and so on :)

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Even though the DFK has a built in filter I found I had to put a clear filter at the end of the nosepiece to stop dust settling on the filter. Because the built in filter is so close to the sensor, each bit of dust shows up in the individual frames if the light from the planet falls on it.



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