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Hi guys

Been a "fan" of the night sky for years, but have only just decided to get a telescope for some reason.

Didn't really know what I was looking for and thought I'd spend around £170 on one, looked at the Seben Big Boss, but after reading lots of reviews and discussions decided that would be a bad move as I wanted to do some astrophotography.

So now I have decided to get a Sky Watcher Explorer 200P EQ5 as I understand the mount will be suitably strong to hold a decent DSLR plus the 8" mirror should enable me to really start enjoying the sky.

Just need to break the news to the wife now, I can get one off ebay new for £399, is that a good price or are there others options.

So you'll have to excuse me if I keep coming back for advice and such.

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Nevermind, found them in the forums.....

I have seen loads of people mentioning buy gear from FLO, but have no idea how to find or get in contact with them.

Could someone post a web address please.


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Hi guys

I have seen everyone talking about subs, flats and darks in the imaging forums, sorry to be a pain, but could you explain exactly what this means. So when I finally get up and running I at least have an idea what is involved in AP.

FLO are currently out of stock of the 200P until April, not gonna be able to wait that long, so I'm gonna be getting one ordered end of this week from a company called UK Optical Solutions @ Newton Ellis & Co in Liverpool.

Thanx again guys.

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SUBS (or lights) = The image taken. Either the full rgb with a dslr or the separate colours using a CCD camera.

FLATS = Basically a white light or even light taken at the same conditions as the Subs. This is to then subtract, from the subs, vignetting and dust etc.

DARKS = Same as the Subs but with the lens covered. This is then subtracted from the Subs as it contains noise information.

That's a pretty basic explanation :o

Where abouts in Durham are you?

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