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Larger Diameter LP Filters

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Any advice or recommendation to a relative novice on larger diameter LP filters? I have been trying widefield imaging for the first time using an Orion Mini-EQ mount, with a DSLR and a 50mm prime lens (Nikon). The result is not bad, but sufferes from LP - mainly from Na D line lamps, even though this is quite a dark site.

I am looking for an LP filter that will fit the front of the lens and not break the bank....


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Thanks for this - which type specifically would you recommend as I note that some say "not suitable for astrophotography"?

In some of the pics I've taken, the limiting star mag is about 9.85 - am I likely to improve on this with a filter eg in the example(Orion's belt)?



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can't answer that...

It depends on the type of light pollution - High pressure Sodium/ Low pressure Sodium/ Mercury/ LED etc etc etc

I would expect an improvement but the filter must match the pollution for maximum efficiency.

I gave up on astrophotography after 15 years !

Noe only do spectroscopy - where there's no light pollution effects!!

I'm sure there will be someone along soon with recommendations.

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