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Cleaning meade LS6 front lens

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Hello,Whats the proper way to clean the front lens on a meade ls6?I have a puffer and wonder cleaner for telescopes.

I just thought if anybody cleans theirs and if so how do they do it.

Its been covered dew a few times and I have heard you can get mould on the glass!

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Hello Whizzwoz

I think most people would say not to clean the corrector plate unless really necessary i.e bird droppings etc as it probably does more harm than good and dew shouldn’t cause any problems if left alone to dry naturally (don’t wipe off) and I wouldn’t think mould would be a problem mould unless your scope is stored in a damp environment

Some do clean their corrector plates very occasionally and use Baader optical wonder fluid and micro fibre cloth

But it does take quite a build up dust/spots etc before it starts to affect your views


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Once a year is plenty. Circular motions, never straight, with surgical cotton wool. You can use Baader optical wonder fluid or a blend of distilled water, isopropyl alchohol and a tiny drop of detergent if you prefer. I can't remember the proportions for the water/alcohol but they will be on the net.


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