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My first scope: SW 100ED


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If the views from this scope are as good as it looks aesthetically I'm going to be well happy:D

Been looking and reading up on a suitable first scope for a few months, SGL was a big help in making the right choice.

Boxes to be ticked were: portability for transporting and setting up at various sites; size for storage and not to take up all the car boot pace; easy set-up and care/maintenance; appropriate cost for a first plunge into owning a scope; sufficient quality and visual capability not to be wanting to upgrade not long after purchase.

Originally looked at a Newt (too big and require more care/maintenance than fracs.

Then the standard Evostar 120 (again too big for storage and portability)

Was ready to order in Jan a TAL-100 but none available till Oct 2011.

Finally settled on the 100ED and despite the extra cash layout over the TAL I'm expecting bigger and better things.

Glad I did'nt jump in straightaway and allowing time to know enough before making a purchase decision.



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Good to know you did your research and chose something that meets with all your criteria that's a very nice setup you have got yourself you made an excellent choice for your first telescope i am sure you won't regret your decision you are going to have many excellent nights stargazing with it.

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A fellow who does his research first, and enjoys what he purchases later!

I'm sure you will be absolutely astounded at all the nifty things you can do with your new baby!

If you check over in the beginner's forum here, you will find a lot of things to do with your new scope that you can download for free. Lots of fun, and you will learn a bit about the sky and your new kit, as well!

Enjoy it and let us know how first light goes! :(


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cheers and I intend on making full use of 'Turn Left at Orion', which is perfect for making good use of my scope and to learn something really worthwhile too. It has been amusingly frustrating reading when chomping at the bit to get out there with a scope (just been making do with a planisphere and my own eyes which was rewarding in itself).

First light may be a little while yet even allowing for the expected clouds. Think there's a defect with the RA control worm screw on the mount which I need to sort out first.

Will post a small report on first light when it happens, although it's likely to be very very basic and no doubt come with some confusion and minor frustration too:D

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Good choice - I have one and it's a great scope for the money


can I be cheeky and ask what EPs and filters you use with it?

I have the supplied 28mm and bought a Meade 5000 5.5mm (not sure if 5.5mm 60 degree FOV was the right choice or not for planetary visual use esp in the UK)

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Excellent scope - you will love it.

Regarding eyepieces, the 5.5mm you bought will fare nicely for high 163x views, but to get a little bit closer in a 4.5mm (200x) or even 4mm (225x) will offer a great view for planets. You could buy a 8 or 9mm eyepiece and a 2x barlow for the same effect. Without the 2x barlow, the 9mm would function at a versatile 100x.

Some further reading:




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