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mark geldart

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That is a nice scope. I have a SW 250p Newtonian OTA which is basically the same tube, and which I find is very good for visual observing.

You got a really good price as well.


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IMHO, I would say you have, assuming you only want to do visual observations as the mount will not support serious imaging, then you will be very happy. Iam a bit biased as I have a Dob, and only do visual, but an increase in aperture will bring a whole load of fainter objects into view. This though is dependent on not having a lot of light pollution, as the bigger aperture will also drag in more unwanted light, if you can get dark skies it will keep you busy for a good while.

Enjoy your new scope when you get it and let us know how you get on with it. :(

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Another thought for you.

If in time you become interested in astro-imaging, you can always put the Skyliner 250 PX OTA on a EQ6 mount (it is a little too heavy for the EQ5). You would have to by the rings separately. I have read about people who have done this. They say they have the best of both worlds, the DOB mount for a quick set up to observe or the EQ6 for imaging.

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