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30 minutes with the starGAZer 12


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Well, the borrowed ED80 has gone back home so given that there was a slot in the misty high

cloud last night I decided to wheel out the starGAZer 12 for a look see.

I keep the scope in my garage so no cooling down needed 8)

Decided to have a longer look at M37 in Auriga.

I imaged this the other night with my 130mm F5 reflector and got a good collection of

stars although visually there were only a few to be seen.

Through the 12, I could see as many stars visually as I got via imaging with the 130 F5

Changing down from a 26mm to a 15 mm eyepiece gave me a full FOV of stars.

For a relatively sparse cluster it was a lovely sight.

Put in my new Baader moon/skyglow filter and the slightly moonlit sky background turned almost

black 8) great addition to the Geppetto box of bits.

Was planning to gaze on M35 but sadly it was stuck behind my chimney.

Panned across to get my first proper view of M42 although yet to see it with no moon.

The trapezium through my 15mm was well separated and pin sharp (the starGAZer 12 holds it's collimation well)

Must get a decent quality high power eyepiece to go hunting some more stars in the trapezium.

My eyes were now pretty much dark adapted so it was in with the 2" 26mm to feast on the nebula.

With a bit of averted vision and getting comfortable, I got a wow from the planet wow FOV full of nebulosity :shock:

What an awesome sight, never realized that M42 was so big..

All the shape that you get in those classic images could be seen and kept me glued for 10 minutes or so till my toes

started to freeze :D Can't wait for a decent moonless night.

The high mist started to return so finished off with a look over the moon with my 15mm and barlow giving me over

200 times magnification. Beautiful crisp detail with surprisingly little air turbulence and again the Baader filter

gave a useful lift in contrast of the moons surface.

Been at this hobby for about three years now but still get the same tingles of excitement when I'm out under the stars :p

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Sounds good Phil. M42 was fantastic on Monday night though the Dob. The shapes, M43 and the Running Man all visible with alot of detail.

Trapezium was splint into 4 too.

I would love to look through a 12" scope, to see how much difference there is between that and my 10"


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I can still never work out what magnification I use lol


I think your scope is an F5?

Anyway, 250mm (aperture) times 5 (F number ) = 1250mm (focal length)

Magnification is focal length (1250mm) divided by eyepiece focal length

So on your scope, a 10mm eyepiece would give you a magnification of 1250/10= 125

Think that's it :D

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