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My telescope is not a washing line!


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Her line was if its too cloudy to hang washing on the line then its too cloudy for 'telescoping' thus would be fine to hang washing over the beloved scope.. I think the point was missed!

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Now I keep mine in the spare box room on an old single bed. I cover it with an old blanket to keep the cold out, it get's freezing in that room at times. I check on it from time to time to ensure that it is safe and hasn't had any unwanted insects crawl into any open orifices.:(

Now my scope, well that sleeps next to me in my lovely warm double bed wrapped in silk sheets. Honestly the wife really don't mind the swap.;):)

;) That has got to be THE funniest reply ever :eek:

I had to read it 2 times, but then it got me ;)

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Maybe your wife was being thoughtful and trying to keep dust off your scope?

Maybe she was just angling for him to do the washing and drying himself, eh, Sarah? ;):eek:

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