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My telescope is not a washing line!


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i had the same problem with many interests and disinterested other halfs...

classic audis (old bangers aparentely... "why cant you have a nice company car again! why did you give it back blah blah blah") fish keeping.... she hated that one. motorcycling (death traps, waste of money blah blah)

she once just slammed a box of stuff on the boot lid of my 95 audi 100/a6 that i spent hours buffing to perfection!!! suffice to say i went blumming bananas!

they just dont understand........

see how she likes it if i wee in her la boutins! *cackle* hahahaha!

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my wife says my stuff is taking over the conservatory, i call them art, she calls then something unmentionable,

she has little taste

Look up 'Stuff' by George Carlin on Youtube, his comprehension of this phenomenon is the most accurate I've heard.

Be warned though, knowing Carlin, there may be the occasional expletive, so best heard out of earshot of the more delicate folk.

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Thank goodness no! But boy would I be upset. Fortunately my Daughter is old enought to realise it would just be wrong and my Wife knows a passion when She sees one!

..........she once just slammed a box of stuff on the boot lid of my 95 audi 100/a6 that i spent hours buffing to perfection!!! suffice to say i went blumming bananas!.............

Now that just drives me to despair! Why are there hand holds to shut the boot? Use them not the metalwork! Got cross the other day when She parked the car under a tree that has mating pigeons on. Came home to the back of car and soft top covered in bird **** :( then had to spend 30 minutes getting it off. Claire had no idea why I was so upset having told Her 50 times before!

Similar to you, maybe I should put the washing line under the bird toilet area!

Woman pah!

Best regards


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Some partners never learn... Alas, I am single now, never happier! My car/bike/free time has never been in better shape!

Still not bought a scope yet... Will have to wait as I have just started renting a new house, had to put three months down to start the lease making me skint... Booooooo!

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How ironic, as I read this thread my other half is outside hanging the washing out, no scopes are in danger at present! :D

once moved from a friends and in preperation I picked up a few things for the new place, 20 of my at the time favourite albums were put on the car roof and I asked swmbo to bung them in the boot while I went to grab a couple of other items, later on whie upacking I asked were she had put my vinyl, what she asked? :(

think you all know what happened then :) mmmmm....... can't live with them or......

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Now I keep mine in the spare box room on an old single bed. I cover it with an old blanket to keep the cold out, it get's freezing in that room at times. I check on it from time to time to ensure that it is safe and hasn't had any unwanted insects crawl into any open orifices.:)

Now my scope, well that sleeps next to me in my lovely warm double bed wrapped in silk sheets. Honestly the wife really don't mind the swap.:(:)

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