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PolarAlign v1.3 on an iPad - does anyone else get this bug?

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I use a wonderfully simple piece of software called PolarAlign v1.3 by George Varros. It shows you where to put Polaris on the clock when polar aligning a mount. It really saves a lot of heartache.

The problem I get is that the date does not update on the PolarAlign form once the app has been started. In other words, if I start the app on June 1st, it will remain June 1st forever. If I change the iPad date PolarAlign stays the same NB Calendar app updates correctly to show the new date.

If I restart the software or restart the iPad the PolarAlign date updates.

I have been exchanging emails with George, who is very helpful, but he cannot reproduce the problem.

Is there anyone else out there that is suffering the same problem? or is it something to do with my iPad or iPad set-up.

Before someone astutely asks, I have tried every iPad date set-up combination under the Sun. The Calendar app is working just as one would expect it too (it updates perfectly from day to day and when I manually change the iPad date).

Any ideas?:(


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George got back to me and can now duplicate the fault.

It was due to the operating system change a few weeks back. He just needed to rebuild the app and "bingo" it works again.

He is immediately fixing the issue and updating the app-store. Users get a free update when this happens.

You can't ask for more than that.:(

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