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dented tube

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just had my wifes 200p set up in daylight and have noticed a 4" dent about a quarter of the way up from the base

its one of those dents that has to be in the right light but now i know its there im pretty peeved

i have contacted the seller for a replacement and will wait for a response ,only had it ten days and been out of the box twice and returned when not in use

will this dent affect the performance in any way??

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If the dent does not interrupt the light path, then I can see no trouble from it. My old dob had a small dent and it made no difference.

If the dent was in the scope when you bought it, then I am sure that you will be entitled to a replacement and I expect that is what will happen.

One thing to look out for, if you have to return it, make sure the seller covers the cost of carriage, as it can get pricey.

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