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my first post and first solar image


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Looks like you're off to a good start!

Just work on the focus...not easy but practise, practise, pra.....

Maps of Active Solar Regions | raben.com

Raben's daily maps will let you identify the various sunspot groups and allow to to plan ahead for the next series of images.

One a day for the month (or even more) stacked into a AVI would be a great project and show the rotation of the Sun.

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Have you looked at spaceweather.com ? I have a look at this on a daily basis to see the active regions. I've had a go a taking a few pics through my telescope but haven't yet mastered getting the sunspots perfectly focused. It's all good fun though!

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I inherited a solar filter (home made baader film and cardboard) with a scope I bought the other day - unfortunately had clouds, rain, hail and snow - so unfortunately havent had a chance to see image like that for myself. I'll try and take a pic if the sky ever clears :o

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