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Having seen Saturn for the first time,through my meagre 5" Celestron EQ,I can't begin to imagine what she will look like through an 8" SW Dob. That magic day is some way off-but can someone tell me if the adapted two inch focusser on the Skywatcher will affect the viewing quality of my(small) collection of 1 1/4 eps? I would rather like to get another,possibly w/a ep for my little Celestron,but would hate to think it will be of little use in an adapted 2" focusser.

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well done on seeing Saturn. it's brilliant.

I think I understand your question and assuming I do, there's no optical disadvantage to using 1.25" eyepieces in a 2" focuser (an adapter is supplied) and it allows you to use all your current eyepieces plus the larger 2" chunks of glass.

a 2" focuser is slightly heavier and also sometimes you need an extension tube to being eyepieces to focus (£15 approx). other than that highly recommended.

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Hi, the SW 8" Dob will accept 1.25" & 2" ep's.

2" ep's tend to be wide angle, low magnification.

The focuser adapter does not affect quality.

Most observation (especially of DSOs) tends to be done at low to medium power.

A low power ep will be no good for Saturn.

Best advice - bide your time & get used to the scope for a while first.

I am going to order a Skywatcher 32" Panaview ep next week. I'll try to do a write up of it.



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