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Skywatcher handsets?

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Does anyone know they all the same across the range? just flashed with different firmware? does anyone have a image of the insides of their HEQ5 or NQ6 handset? I could tell from that. I'm thinking about buying a Skywatcher Explorer 200P DS with either 5 or 6 mount, and I already have a handset from EZ mount, I could save £100 by flashing it.

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As I understand it, all the EQ Synscan handsets are the same and use the same fimware, all the AZ handsets are the same and use the same firmware.

There are certainly folks on here who have flashed EQ onto AZ but how stable it was I don't really know. I think MikeWilson has done it, maybe PM him.

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Hi Mik3,

The only difference between the EQ6 SynTrek and SynScan models is the SynScan handset.

There appear to be slight variations between individual handset hardware versions but as long as it's a version 3 handset then it probably supports flashing from and to either both AZ or EQ firmwares.

I first found out about this as I had previously accidentally flashed an EQ ROM update over my AZ handset and I received an EQ alignment error ("RA > 45 degrees" as expected for an EQ firmware being asked to align on an AZ grid).

EDIT: My understanding is that the HEQ5 and EQ6 cables/pinouts are different (even though the handset themselves are the same).



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Thanks Mike. I also accidentally flashed my Az with EQ firmware thats how I got this idea :(

Yeah the cable for the EQ6 seems to have a different connector, so I would have to try and get one of those, does anyone know where I could get one?

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Hmmm just had a closer look the 8 pin connector has 2 pins not connected (pins 1 and 2) and the 6 remaining pins are connected in the same sequence as the 6 pin connector...

The EQ6 use a DB9...

6P6C to DB-9M Modular adaptor maybe?...


still looking for a uk supplier...

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