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My big 'frac ................. waiting for Saturn


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Just a quick snap of my Meade AR6 6" F/8 refractor on it's alt-azimuth mount which is now fitted with a counterweight bar plus 5kg weight - the motions are very smooth now :)

The 16" pillar extension is such a boon on these - the eyepiece height is around 4 1/2 feet when the scope is pointing at the zenith and the CG5 tripod is only about 50% extended. Better for the old back :D

It's still a portable rig but it's a "grunt and go" one now :(


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Nice setup, is this scope your using the chromacor with John ?


Yes Kathhleen (are there 2 "h"s in your name ?). The Chromacor fits onto the filter threads of the diagonal and fits inside the focuser tube.

It's been quite fiddly getting it fine tuned but an interesting challenge - the CA is radically reduced now but I think I can push it's performance ever further - I'm getting rather pendantic about my airey disks and diffraction rings :(

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I bet Saturn will be awesome in that scope..


Briefly, they were great Mark, but a bank of Welsh cloud has messed things up for now :)

I say Welsh, because that's the direction it came from :(

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