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Black grid of spots?

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Hi guys, I've been using registax to process M66 (I was going to use deep sky stacker but it doesn't appear to accept avis?) any way that's for another thread. I stacked 250 images on my laptop but did no other processing, I saved the resulting image as a TIF file and sent it via email to my main desktop PC. When I open it in registax and play around even slightly with the wavelets I get a conspicuous pattern accross the image, black blobs about the size of a pea spaced equally apart in vertical and horizontal lines, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Thanks and clear skies


*** I've just sent the original avi from my laptop to my main pc and am getting the same thing happening, moving any of the wavelets causes really strange effects including black spots, white spots and even a black and white tartan pattern.

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I used an atik 2-hs. Thanks very much for replying guys, I have figured out how to use Deep sky stacker now (I'm such a dunce :o) and the problem doesn't occur using DSS so I think I'm sorted. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my query.

Cheers and clear skies


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