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Is an AE barlow an appropreate replacement to a GSO?

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A few weeks back I ordered my GSO Eyepiece kit from "Scope N Skies".. After not receiving it for a week I called them to learn that they were out of stock of the 32mm EP...

Since they the only people who sell the kit without the filters, I wanted to buy from them, so I suggested that they ship it without the 32mm and send that later.

It arrived today and I am expecting the 32mm within 2 weeks.. But when I looked at the Barlow it was obviously different.

It turns out that they were out of stock of the GSO Barlow and send an "Astro Engineering" model instead:

Astro Engineering Astro Engineering AC730 1.25" 2x and 1.5x AE3e Apochromatic Barlow lens

On paper it looks better as its more expensive than the GSO model, but thats not necessary a good guide. Should I accept this? Is this any better (or worse) than the GSO Barlow?

I look forwards to your thoughts.


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I have never used the AE balows, so I can't comment on that.

TAL barlow has very good review and is cheaper than than the AE unit. The AE barlow cost £50, for that price I'd be temped to spend a bit more to get the Meade Series 5000 2x TeleXtender (£85) or the Televue barlow (£70 after 20% discount)

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Thanks for that.. This isn't about what I should buy.. I dont' have a choice, I already bought one.. The GSO version.. But my supplier has sent the AE version which they claim to be "the same".

Its not the same obviously.. But is it any better? If not, should I simply be demanding what I paid for, which is the GSO version?


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