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Best off the peg shed to convert?


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Hi All

I am looking to build an observatory from a "Metal" Shed also, my concern is the roof, I do not want the conventional Roll Off all together roof, I already have a 7ft x 8ft concrete base built with the steel pier bolts already laid too, anyone got any pics etc?


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I slightly less bothersome option, which I adopted due to lack of space but do not regret in the least, is to have a roll off shed obsy.If you have the "right" situation regarding the position of your obsy the roll off shed can be much smaller, mine is 6x4 link here - http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-observatories/106187-my-roll-off-obsy.htmlAvantages, small shed, lower cost, no roof worries, no strength worries, plenty of space for the scope.Disadvantages, more exposed to wind - I am lucky as I have a nice sheltered spot anyway, no warm room, again I had a seperate shed already for that duty!

You link does not work for me, just keeps taking me to the SGL Homepage....this has happened before am I doing something wrong??


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You link does not work for me, just keeps taking me to the SGL Homepage....this has happened before am I doing something wrong??


I reported this a while back in the "issues" section. t seems that it is a known problem and relates to a change in the site's software (or something) a while ago.

Here is the link you want: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/67833-my-roll-off-obsy/

The content for these broken links can usually be found with the following process which works in Chrome (other browsers and search engines are available, but I don't use them):

1. Copy the link address (right-click etc.);

2. Paste the link in the search field/address bar of Chrome, but don't hit <enter>;

3. Remove the extraneous gumpf (thread number, special characters etc.) from the link text and add "site:" to the begining. e.g. "http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/67833-my-roll-off-obsy/" would become "site:http://stargazerslounge.com my roll off obsy" and hit <Enter>

4. The page you were looking for is usually in the first couple of results :)

Think I might also post these instructions in the lounge so that people can benefit :)

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I am just deciding which Shed to use for my Roll-Off observatory. Due to space issues I have settled on an 8x6 shed. I intend to buy a good quality wood Shiplap standard shed and modify it. Most of the designs I have seen use a door on the short side and the roof rolls over the door. The problem with that is I will need to rebuild the door end and shorten the door height so I have a strong uniform box all round. However you can get "Reverse Apex" sheds where the door is on the long side. This seems a better choice, so why does nobody seem to use them? Am I missing something obvious? The shed will be taller all round, but that just means adjusting the foundations down and increasing pier plinth height. However the advantage is that I get a full size door and the modification is easier.

I attach a picture of an example.

Am I missing something?



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Plastic sheds are very easy to convert without loosing their strength and maintenance free and you get double doors.

Couple of examples here.





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My door is at the end of my 7'x5' roll-top-roof obsy.

The only advantage I see is the fact that you don't loose any side wall space and that's where my laptop and monitor sit.

You could also say it gives a bit of shelter for guests looking in to see what I'm doing (but it's mostly just me !)

Although I got a shed builder to make mine, all four corners have doubled up 2"x2" supports with 2"x2" connecting frames all the way round.

It's the main issue with converting wooden sheds as I'm sure you're aware that you loose structural integrity when you remove the roof.

As I mentioned, I opted out of doing my own obsy.

Will you be posting your own diary of events on here? Look forward to seeing your progress?



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I honestly wonder if modifying a standard shed will be easier than stratchbuilding a dedicated one, certainly in the case of wooden ones.

The method I use is to make the walls out of marine ply which, if you like, you can buy cut to size. I then screw a timber frame to the inside of the ply, not using proper joints but just long screws. On the inside I put small triangulation pieces of ply to stiffen these joints. The four walls then just screw together and bolt down onto the concrete. It's insanely easy to build this way and I've found the exterior quality ply to be long lasting. I use a high quality water based varnish.


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