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Hi all


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Im just about to buy a new telescope. im looking for a good all rounder for both close planet viewing with lots of detail and colour and deep space viewing. ive got a budget of £400, any tips on what would be a good one to go for.:(

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Initially it was just for visual work, but after visiting this web site i quite fancy having a go at some photo work as well. I think with my £400 budget it is going to be a manual, unless you have any recommendations

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Hi Minte

Welcome to SGL - don't expect too much colour - some stars will appear more yellow or blue, but you won't see colour as in those deep space pictures taken by Hubble etc - but hey, there's still loads to enjoy!

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Hi Minte and welcome to SGL :(

When using a scope for observing you will see colour on the planets and some double stars. Everything else will be shades of grey/black/white. Everything's so far away we simply can't see colour with the human eye.

To get colour on dso's you will have to take up astro photography. To that end I would recommend you invest in a copy of "Making Every Photon Count" by SGL member: Steppenwolf (Steve).

I'd advise you don't rush into getting a scope - you really need to read up, and ask lots of questions so you are comfortable you know what you're getting.

Good Luck :)

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Welcome from Will, some good advice already posted, do weeks of research before you buy. Only buy well known brands as there is a lot of rubbish out there. They look good but won't deliver.

I recently bought a Skywatcher 127 Mak and I am very happy with that for planets, stars and the moon.

My research came up with a short-list of Meade, Skywatcher or Orion for a starter telescope. Skywatcher being the best value for your £400 budget. I think you may be temped by the popular 130p reflector but my research showed some buyers regretted this and would have gone for the 150p as a minimum starter scope..

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Hi Minte, welcome to the Lounge.

Sorry I can't help with the scope, as I don't image, but for visual use I would plump for a Dob.

If you have any questions regarding scopes, mounts etc, post them over in Beginners help and advice and someone will be along shortly.

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