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Saturn Ahoy!

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Got my first viewing of Saturn last night using my barlow and 10mm eyepiece (x125 mag) and was impressed with what my smallish scope can do, just waiting for my 5mm BST Explorer to arrive and might invest in a Tal barlow instead hehe.

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Hi Andy. Saturn is indeed a wondrous sight and it is rising earlier now thankfully. I stayed up late at weekend to observe it and had a few nice moments in between clouds. The BST should give you some nice views when it arrives. The Tal Barlow's are reported to be very good although i have never used one. I use a Celestron Ultima 2X and it is a seriously excellent piece of kit.

Clear Skies

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Yea I was looking at the ultima as well but may opt for another eyepiece first. But I did enjoy the view last night albeit with the bargin basement barlow & eyepiece, roll on summer and clearer skies eh!

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