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Leo triplet luminence


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Still waiting from my SX M26 to be up and running, should be any day now. In the meantime I've done a luminence using a QSI 532 and will add colour with the M26 in the fullness of time, which will also frame the galaxies better with it's wider FOV.

Scope MN190

65x5mins with a CLS filter.

Captured, calibrated and combined with Maxim. Processed in PS

After transferring to the forum it's come out close to being clipped (which it isn't) and the dim tail to NGC 3628 has all but disappeared. Never mind!


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Great start Martin.:(

Re the clipped look, when I am processing a mono shot that will be saved as a jpg at some point, I always open the raw image in photoshop and before any processing I goto...... View/proof setup and check "monitorRGB" and then ....View and check proof colours.

That way the image will be shown as it will look when saved as a jpg (which for some reason is always darker than the tiff/fit).



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Looks like a great start to the project.

are you setting the colourspace to sRGB before saving as a jpg? Any other colourspace will affect the quality of the image when viewed in a browser

I think one of the reason why you get a different colour between Tiff and jpg is the 16bit to 8bit difference?

edit forget the above it is only relevant to colour images :(

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Normally my images appear the same on and off the forum and I don't get any change from compressing to jpeg. Not sure why it has happened. I did lots of work with colour space and calibration when I got my monitor some time ago now but time to revisit. Thanks for the tips

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Fantastic detail Martin!

Looking forward to the colour - but would be happy as is (if it were mine!)

Clear skies...



Thanks for the colour tips 'Yfronto/Mike' - my uploaded jpegs always come out lighter here than the .tif file (but I'm calibrated for CMYK gravure printing) - so I end up having to make a special darker jpeg version for here.... just had a play with those settings though and I think you've sorted it for me!!! (at last!)



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Splendid, Martin. Sharp where it needs to be and smooth for the rest. FWIW my Smugmug images develop a 'hard' look when hosted there so not to worry about the Lion's tail for the moment!

Another triumph for the 190, perhaps the imaging bargain of all time?


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