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My first M42


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would it be possible to see anything like this with a telescope like mine? skymax127?

Unfortunately no one 'sees' any thing like that in the eye piece. A camera takes hours to build up data to make an image like that, the eye just aint sensitive enough.

What you will see is a faint cloud of gas and dust. In some scopes under good sky some folk see a 'slight' tinge of colour in M42, I see it very slightly green.

Basically DSO's are know as faint fuzzies, because thats what they look like to the eye.



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wow i have so much to learn lol, not sure what you mean by a camera building data. :(

To produce an image as this one you have to take loads of subs, a sub is a single exposure of an object, in this case M42. The exposure legth can be anything for say 30 seconds upto whatever the mount can handle, I go up to about 10mins as do most folks but others go for longer.

Now, you would take a series of these subs over several hours, generally the camera is controlled by a timer or computer. Some of the best images shown on here are taken over several hours over several nights. The result could be say 36 5min exposures of an object, giving a total of 3 hours imaging time. these subs are then ran through stacking software which stacks the subs one on top of the other, adding all the light together (in simplistic terms) producing one final stacked image, this is then processed in Photoshop or similar to bring out all the detail and colour in the image.

This is what I meant by the camera building the data.

You see, the photons of light travel to us from space, and if you were 'looking' at the object through a scope you would see the photons for that instant. Because we use cameras set to long exposure there is time for the photons to build up on the sensor thus building data through time, you eye can never do that.

Thats my understanding of it all, I hope that explains it a bit better, someone might be along with a better description....... :)


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Fantastic result!!!

That cooling mod I think showes well here, as there is very little noise IMO!

Glad I ordered a peltier cooler the other day! Must get on with modding my 300D! :)

Thanks for sharing,


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