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FocusMax using 99% of CPU


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Hi All,

I have fresh built laptop winth Windows XP on it and i'm finding that FocusMax is killing my latop by using 99% cpu.

I've looked on the web for a fix but can't find anything. Has anyone else come acorss this ?

My laptop has a 2Ghz Processor with 1.5gb which runs everything else no problem as i can open MaximDL, TheSky6, ccd commander anda few other things which only take about 30% cpu, yet if i open FocusMax it steals all the cpu using 99% for it's process.

Desperate for help on this one as i've tried reinstalling and still no luck.


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It is unlikely to be due to the fact you "built" your computer. I have never experienced this at all despite usinf FMax on different set ups. This could be tricky to track down as it could be hardware realted (focuser/camera) or software (capture program/driver).

I would try (don't know your setup though)

  1. reinstall everything making sure you have the latest version of everything
  2. make sure you have NOVAS etc installed too (just in case)
  3. use just the ASCOM simulators (scope, camera, focuser) with no actual hardware connected and see

This should help you narrow down the offender. You can then sequentially replace each simulator for the real device to help refine the culprit.

Short of that can't think of much to help you.


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Hi Paul,

I've rebuilt my latop from scratch. I never thought about using the simulator to rule out hardware causing the problem, so that's a great idea.

I need to also check to see if it happens when i run it manually Vs Auto focusing from ccd commander.



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Is the PC actually slowing down?

Some VB6 programs appear to use 100% of the CPU but are continually yielding to other applications and they get what they need when they need it.

There's a FocusMax Yahoo forum, where the authors are active, it may be worth asking there.


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