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Finally got my first scope set up! Meade 127mm Apo on HEQ5 Pro

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technically it's the second as I ordered the 80ED first... but having picked up the HEQ5 Pro yesterday... thought I'd mount the Meade on there and see how she looked.

This is a Meade 5000 127mm triplet Apo on a HEQ5 Pro... with an Eos 350D (modded) attached to the scope. All three items came courtesy of the for sale section and the lovely people on this forum :-)

I've also just taken delivery of a WO diagonal and a couple of nice eyepieces so hope to actually drag this out and get first light with it in the next week... if the weather plays ball anyway :-)

Can't wait to use it in anger!



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You got the same setup as me. The Meade triplet is as good as any triplet I have look through in my lifetime. I was looking at Jupiter last summer @ 280x and I felt like I could push the scope even more. In good seeing condition, you can push this scope to 350x-400x.

Mine came with the 2" diagonal and flight case.

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Snap, Ive got one of them and one of them and one of them:D

The only difference is I use my own wooden tripod which is higher and stiffer than the stock tripod.

Youll love that scope I can guarntee it


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Hello Ben!

Your 127 Meade looks lovely! My 133mm Apomax is languishing in the garage while I'm looking for a new mount - so I'm very envious of you with your new kit!

Let us know how it is at tracking and finding objects when you get it out!


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