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One of those rare nights of clear-ish skies, so no time to waste, out with the canon I went, target, M42, mission complete.

I took ample shots, but only a few where viable, but I haven't stacked them, as the focusing was, to say the least, shocking... :oops: These images on DSLR screens, have a habit of looking great, until you see them on the big screen! But, having said that, its better than my last attempt, which at the moment, is what I'm looking for.

Prime focus, not sure on the exp, at a guess I would say 60 secs tops, so my NCP is getting better, its a right pain in the bootarks to do...


Click to to enlarge

My processing skills leave a lot to be desired tonight, so you will have to excuse the quality (Rog did tell me not to rush)

The blue fringing on the Helios is driving me nuts, it has to go, but it serving its purpose atm...


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You're covering a lot of sky with that arrangement. A lot of the fainter stuff is quite visible too. Rog is right with the not rushing stuff, however, it's so much blooming fun you just have to charge along with it. One of my bad habits.

Nice shot.


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Just a little more time spent on the focus and that would have been a belter.

I'm finding the focusing very tricky, I now know its time to make that Hartmann Mask...

Yer gettin on better with that cam now - nice to get a chance to have a go eh? Hope to see more of soon 8)

Definately feel more at home with the camera now, its not so foreign to me. Its a fantastic feeling to get out there, the times I've contemplated giving up, I've lost count. :D

We all need more clear nights now to hone the skills :p

Thats the trouble, we need consecutive clear nights, to, as you say, hone the skills. Don't want to end up, one step forward then 3 back.

Rog is right with the not rushing stuff, however, it's so much blooming fun you just have to charge along with it. One of my bad habits.

Its far too much fun, and its probably one of the reasons I find day after day of cloud so frustrating.

Thanks for all your positive comments 8)


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Well done Caz. Much more detail and M43 now very clear. Hartman definitely the way to go. The blue halos are caused by internal reflections within the scope. Not really a lot you can do about that. However, if you get yourself some automated processing tools produced by Noel Carboni you will be able to significantly reduce them.

You're scooting up the curve Caz :D

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Ah now thats better Caz , well done on that , see how its improving , showing nice detail there, and tracking is only a tad off , very little wrong , ok so we have the first step , now M42 is staring us in the face , personally i would take time out to use this neb as an improvemnet project , in other words ,keep imaging it , taking time out for minor adjustments , just try to remember what you do , then in no time you will have set the standard for your imaging,


Rog :D

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I've just made a Hartmann Mask, lets hope it does the trick! I shall stick to imaging M42, it may be the easiest to spot, but certainly a challenge. I'm hoping to get another shot or 2 at it again tonight....

Noel Carboni processing tools? I'm guessing there isn't such a thing as an online freebie.... :D

Thanks Rog, Martin, your input is greatly appreciated... 8)


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